Gichira Kibara, CBS – Chairperson

Master’s degree – Law,

Bachelor degree – Law and Leadership in Development.

Stella M. Munyi – The Ps Rep Foreign Affairs

Advocate of the High Court of Kenya

Nicodemus Bore – Independent Board member
Master’s in Business Administration,
Bachelor Degree Business Administration.

Daniel O. Onder i- AG Rep State Law Office
Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Judith K. Miruka – Independent Board Member
Bachelor in Education,

Profession – Teacher

Hon David Ole Sankori-Independent Board Member
Profession – Teacher

Jidraff Githendu – Independent Board Member
Masters in Health System Management, Health Systems Management

Stephen Muiruri -The Ps Rep National Treasury
Masters in Economics,Bachelor in Economics,Profession – Economist

DR.Mary Njoki Ndiba -Independent Board Member
Expert in Social Advocacy, Social research and Counselling,University Lecturer

Micheal Maina Kamanda -Independent Board Member
Human Resource Expert
Former Board Member, Kenya Ports Authority

Joseph Too -Independent Board Member
MBA (Finance)
BCom. (Cost & Works Accounting)
Lecturer, Accounting Manager

Mutuma Nkanata -Executive Director/Secretary

Masters degree, International Studies,
Bachelor of Education
Expert in corporate Governance