This control & prevention measures apply to all facilities owned by IBERAFRICA Power for the interactions with different stakeholders such as contractors, visitors, customers, etc. due to ongoing measures

related to COVID-19 scenario.


IBERAFRICA Power Covid-19 Control & Prevention Protocols :


  • All visitors and contractors will be restricted to essential visitors only, and those contractors required for critical plant functions.
  • Whenever possible, virtual meetings and trainings are preferred.
  • Where practical, visitors to sites should be planned and pre-authorised to help identify any additional controls that might be needed.
  • All visitors & contractors will have to produce a COVID-19 NEGATIVE test result, that is no more than 48 hours old, upon entry into the plant.
  • Contractors who are fully vaccinated may work at the plant once they have provided proof of their vaccination status.
  • The Security staff should screen people for COVID-19 related disease symptoms based on a visual inspection, temperature screening equipment. Visitors will not be allowed to enter the facilities if any symptoms are shown or missing some necessary COVID-PPE. COVID-PPE could include gloves, KEBS approved medical masks & goggles.
  • While at the plant, all visitors & contractors are expected to sanitize and adhere to social distancing requirements following public guidelines as per MoH’s recommendations. The wearing of KEBS approved masks at all time at the plant is mandatory.