IBERAFRICA Business Ethics

IBERAFRICA is committed to providing quality working life that will promote highest standards of integrity,  honesty, respect and trust within our employees. As a company, we continually strive to operate within accepted and relevant laws of every local, national and international jurisdiction in which we conduct our business. 

We encourage our employees to contribute to our working environment avoiding involvement in any corrupt deals through their action on a day-to-day basis.

Social Responsiblity Policy

IBERAFRICA actively support and participate in charitable and volunteer activities that promote social, environmental , economic and educational development throughout the communities in which we operate. We also encourage our employees to be involved in volunteer activities that improve or help our communities.


To achieve leadership in the INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCTION SECTOR through strategies focused on growth, productivity, responsibility and highest of all exceeding customers expectations.


System Management

Ensuring that everyday activities are conducted in accordance with existing laws and regulations and other applicable environmental or safety and Health requirements that IBERAFICA POWER (EA) Ltd voluntarily subscribes to.


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